Melanie Shelby

Melanie is an award winning professional with a 22-plus year track record of accelerating business objectives for Fortune 100 companies through impacting supplier diversity, governmental relations and strategic partnerships. She leads the dynamic team at Gray, Greer, Shelby & Vaughn, a certified minority and woman owned public affairs firm. The firm leverages their platinum relationships to influence decision makers, mobilize constituencies and shape public dialogue.

Melanie specializes in creating innovative, winning solutions to extend her client’s network, strengthen their position and enhance their bottom line. Whether advocating a legislative policy enacted in California to increase economic development opportunities for diverse firms within the state’s $259 billion insurance industry, securing a historic multi-million dollar sports complex through focused community engagement strategies for a global sports and entertainment company, developing an economic impact report for the country’s largest gas utility that demonstrates the direct and indirect impact of $1 billion spent with diverse firms or educating stakeholders to support, neutralize or oppose a host of legislative efforts, she creates game-changing results.

Melanie is a graduate of UCLA. She works tirelessly around the country to level the economic playing field for diverse firms.

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