Ray Carlisle, Immediate Past Chairman

Ray Carlisle is an Oakland native, attended Merritt College and UC Berkeley, majoring in Electrical Engineering, 1963-67, entering the family real estate business in 1966.  Mr. Carlisle founded Oakland CA based Carlisle Companies in 1972.  Carlisle Companies is a small consortium of entities providing real estate services to public and private sector clients and a developer/investor in residential and commercial real estate projects in CA.

Mr. Carlisle is President and Co-Founder, 1985 to present, National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Investment Division (NID), a HUD approved public benefit organization with 54 urban community based local branch offices in 22 states; providing housing counseling, financial literacy and community development services to urban and minority families, communities and government agencies and managing over $100mil dollars of federal agency grant or program funds for HUD, Department of Commerce and RTC/FDIC.  Mr. Carlisle is the second Honorary President of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB), founded in 1947.

From 1974 to 2009 Carlisle served in several leadership positions at the local, state, regional and national levels for NAREB, a former member of the Fannie Mae Advisory Council, Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council and CA Department of Real Estate Advisory Commission; an advisor to four HUD transition teams and White House administrations, Bank of America, Chase Bank, Citi Bank and GE Capital on urban and minority social and economic development issues.

Mr. Carlisle is presently Vice Chair of the Bridge Housing Corporation, the largest non-profit real estate developer in CA, past Chairmanships include the BHC Projects Committee, Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce, Oakland Workforce Investment Board, Oakland City Council Blue Ribbon Commission on Condo Conversions and Affordable Housing.  Carlisle has been a trusted advisor to three Oakland Mayor’s, Lionel Wilson, Elihu Harris and Ronald Dellums and local, state and federal elected officials on urban and minority business development and community social and economic development.  Carlisle has been an expert witness for CA State and U. S. Federal Courts and Legislative Hearings and Committees on a wide range of real estate and urban social and economic development matters.

For over 40 years Carlisle has been a contributor to several charitable organizations and causes focused on youth and young adult education and scholarship programs which includes Sacramento Charter High School Financial Literacy Program, Oakland School of the Arts Charter School, Oral Lee Brown Foundation and African American male substance abuse recovery and job training programs as well as local, state and national political advocacy efforts.

 Ray has been married to his wife Frankie since 1965 and has four children, seven grandchildren and one great grandchild, a member of St Paschal Catholic Church and former basketball coach and athletic director for the church school.

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