We are committed to being a responsible and responsive organization to advance the needs of our business community.

“The OAACC is committed to providing strong, professional, inclusive and relevant advocacy on issues important to the successful development and growth of African American businesses throughout the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area. To assist in our efforts to serve our members we maintain good working relationships with government and private sector entities, as well as the other chambers of commerce to advocate on business community development issues of common interest; and of specific interest to the African American business community. The OAACC welcomes all segments of our community to become members and partners in our efforts to create an inclusive and vibrant business environment throughout the Bay Area.”

Ray Carlisle, Chairman/Founder Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce

With over 400 associates and members a critical role as the facilitator between business and government, the OAACC is well position to encourage change, which provides economic, social and environmental benefits beyond the boundaries of our own office. We do this in two main ways:

  1. by enhancing our own environmental and social performance, through a number of community, workplace and environmental initiatives; and,
  2. by encouraging such change among our associate, members and suppliers, through marketplace initiatives including awards, policy advocacy and sustainable purchasing.

We are committed to making such efforts knowing that it is vital to our objectives of creating a favorable business environment, supporting the development of business and promoting Oakland as a global business hub.